Good Times, Good Vibes: no alcohol required

Sunset is a cola with a funky twist. Deeply loved by millions of Germans since 1973, the design and recipe have remained unchanged. With its authentic sweetness and citrus kick, Sunset is a time capsule that brings back memories of your childhood lemonade.

Sunset, both in nature and in the bottle, is a pure celebration of the love of life. Its home is at parties. Whether on the spot, at a catered event or in a nightclub, Sunset radiates positivity and love. It is essentially a bottled version of Donna Summer's 'I feel love'.

Sunset is meant to be drank socially. The almost psychedelic colors and unique bottle shape make it the ultimate eye candy and conversation piece. With a Sunset in your hand you will always have a sunshine in your heart.

Paulaner Sunset Zero

Paulaner Sunset Zero


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